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Leadership In ISAAC

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Being a member of ISAAC has given me the opportunity to develop leadership skills. I have experienced being on the Executive of this organization and have learned about the challenges of participating in an organization at this level. I have also developed leadership skills through mentoring other adults who use AAC. In this presentation I will discuss some of my own experiences as well as describe some of the challenges in taking on a leadership role as a person who uses AAC. I will outline some of the skills that are necessary to be a leader who uses AAC as well as make recommendations related to supports that may be required to take on leadership responsibilities as a person who uses AAC. Although it can be difficult to take on extra roles and responsibilities, the rewards are worth the effort. I feel that leadership and mentorship are very beneficial in building one’s own self worth and confidence which in turn help all of us to be better communicators.


Vic Valentic    


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