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Problem-solving access for students with complex communication, sensory and motor challenges in inclusive school settings

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This two hour workshop will take an in-depth look at three case studies of students with severe physical challenges and complex communication needs to illustrate a collaborative team problem-solving process to support student participation and learning in inclusive educational environments. Each of these students have significant challenges using their hands to point or manipulate materials. They all use alternative access methods such as eye-gaze and scanning, to access their AAC systems and the curriculum. In addition, one student has the added complexity of cortical vision impairment and another student has a profound hearing impairment, limiting their understanding of spoken language.

What are the key issues of participation and learning for these students? How does one analyze the components of the learning task and identify strategies to support student access in inclusive environments? How do you get the whole team onboard to collaborate and problem-solve the most effective communication options throughout the day in a range of physical positions? This session will address these questions and share experiences for providing and teaching a range of communication modes and evaluating the types of displays and AAC systems that can more effectively support the students to meet their varied communication requirements throughout the day.


Gayle Porter    
Cerebral Palsy Education Centre

Fiona Beauchamp    
Cerebral Palsy Education Centre

Linda Burkhart    
Linda Burkhart
United States


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