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Early Development of Emotional Competence Tool for Children with Complex Communication Needs: Development and Evidence

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This presentation will discuss the development of the Early Development of Emotional Competence in Children (EDEC) tool and its clinical implications. The EDEC tool is a descriptive assessment instrument that professionals (e.g., SLPs) can use to interview parents/caregivers and/or teachers of children who require AAC. The goal of this presentation is to introduce the EDEC tool, discuss its importance for children who use AAC, and describe the process by which we have sought to ensure that the tool can be used in various language/cultural communities.
The EDEC tool was deliberately designed to give insight into cultural differences in families’ beliefs and attitudes surrounding emotional expression. We will first illustrate the 5 steps in translation: an initial translation, specialist review, pilot cases for feedback, reverse translation and feedback of the reverse translation. We will then turn to demonstrate the importance of considering conceptual equivalence across cultures.
Finally, we will present two small research studies that demonstrated two uses of the tool: (a) its application as a means to solicit information within and across language communities, specifically, how American versus Korean parents report on communication about emotion; and (b) its application as a means to increase communication about emotions in children with developmental disability, specifically, Down syndrome.
Using the information from the EDEC tool interview, clinicians can provide more appropriate AAC intervention services to improve language or communication skills that children with CCN can use for emotion discussion and ultimately enhance participation outcomes in their routines and activities.


Ji Young Na    
Kansas State University
United States

Krista Wilkinson    
Pennsylvania State University
United States

Jiali Liang    
Pennsylvania State University
United States

Gabriela Rangel Rodriguez    
Centro de Apoyo Tecnológico para la Comunicación y el Aprendizaje (CATIC)


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