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How AAC Brought Us Together – Vocabulary Development and Language Acquisition in Early Family-Child Interaction

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At the age of 12 months, my daughter was diagnosed with Wolf Hirschhorn/4p- syndrome. AAC intervention was initiated one month later through the use of objects and picture and symbol cards for requesting food and toys as well as a Step by Step for simple interactive communication with her parents and siblings. At 15 months she began to use an iPad with a communication app, with four symbols per page, the number of items being determined by her limited pointing ability. It was as though AAC was invented for her – she improved her hand skills and her vocabulary quickly expanded – she initiated communication through the use of the iPad throughout the day for requesting, interactive story-reading, and play. I was constantly online, searching for information on developing the language and communication abilities of children her age. I became convinced that she needed a core vocabulary chart that would require a minimum amount of navigation between pages while at the same time taking into account her good motor planning skills and providing with her an extensive and varied vocabulary. The problem was that a core vocabulary chart had not been developed in Hebrew nor was there any research in this language. This paper will describe the process that I undertook, together with her SLPs, in developing a core vocabulary chart appropriate for a two year old in Hebrew. I will describe my daughter's amazing use of this tool for communication and language development. Short video clips will be included.


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