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“Guard Your Health”: Who Takes Care of the therapist?!

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Therapists and administrative staff who support AAC users and their families struggle with difficulties, thoughts, emotions, fears, uncertainties, and even with value and identity clashes in the course of their work. In the absence of appropriate support, this may lead to secondary traumatization and a decline in the feeling of well-being.

Ezer Mizion’s National Free Loan Center for SGD's lends out approximately 1,400 devices a year. AAC users and their families come to the Center to borrow devices and to consult with the staff regarding strategies and adaptations.
The center professional and administrative staffs are confronted with tough dilemmas and consequently, we felt there was a great need for group support.
We will address characterization of Resilience Factors that can enable professionals to “enjoy both worlds” – on the one hand, to be involved and empathetic, and on the other – to take care of themselves. We will suggest theoretical and practical aspects of the importance of emotional support for therapists and administrative staff escorting AAC users and their families. We will present a work model for the group support setup that was introduced a year and a half ago for the staff at Ezer Mizion’s Free Loan Center.
This model includes 3 primary goals:
1. Reducing and Compassion fatigue
2. Increasing a sense of social well-being
3. Unifying and reinforcing the staff to increase the sense of Resilience and improve the feeling of personal and staff ability, while creating space that facilitates clarification of gaps in understanding and conflicts.


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