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Core vocabulary for Zulu speaking preschoolers in need of AAC

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The aim of the study is to determine the core vocabulary for Zulu-speaking pre-schoolers. The presentation will focus on the transcription and coding rules developed to extract data that is meaningful in the determination of core vocabulary for graphic symbol-based AAC systems.

Using a quantitative non-experimental observational design, pilot data will be collected by recording the speech of Zulu speaking pre-schoolers who are engaged in routine and familiar activities at their pre-school. Preliminary transcriptions rules are being developed based on Zulu linguistic structure and previous work in Zulu in the field of corpus linguistics. Transcripts will be analysed to determine the number of different words used, frequency with which words are used and commonality of use.

Pilot data from two participants is intended to be collected in May next year. The transcription and coding rules will be tested on this data. Results will be presented in terms of number of different words used, frequency of use of each of these words and commonality of use across the two participants.

Careful consideration of the language structure is imperative in order for the research to produce data from the transcription which will be useful and meaningful in the implementation of graphic symbol-based AAC systems.


Jocelyn Mngomezulu    
University of Pretoria
South Africa

Kerstin Tonsing    
University of Pretoria
South Africa

Shakila Dada    
University of Pretoria
South Africa


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