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Using a Vocabulary File in Touch Chat for People with Aphasia: Case Studies

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A page set using TouchChat was developed by a group of speech-language pathologists whose caseloads consisted entirely of people with aphasia and acquired brain injury. The page set was made available to other speech-language pathologists in the community two years ago and since then the page set has undergone continued revision and improvement. The speech-language pathologists and clients who customize this page set are using it as part of a multi-model communication system.
The page set was developed specifically for people with aphasia. The design of the page set has also been found to be appropriate for people with severe traumatic brain injury, depending on the nature of the brain injury. The page set is in grid format and includes page templates for messages, words, visual scenes, and scripts. As is typical for people with aphasia, there is no clear distinction between materials that can be used for practice and materials that can be used for augmentative and alternative communication.
Over the past two years, the page set has been adapted in many ways, both for specific types of aphasia and for degrees of severity. We will provide case studies of four clients in various stages of development of using the page set. By discussing the use of the page set, as developed for each of these four clients, we will demonstrate how customizing this page set is crucial for client success.


Lois Turner    

Anne MacCallum    
Columbia Speech & Language Services

Sarah Gauthier    

Taucha Gretzinger    


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