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Build Your Own Regional AAC Summit from the Ground Up

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Take 2 energetic speech-language pathologists, add professionals from around the state, all with a passion for AAC, then throw in a year of careful planning with some good luck - what do you get? The first-ever Indiana AAC Summit, a built-from-the-ground-up state-wide conference with one clear mission: Bring front line providers of AAC from across Indiana to share information, network, and learn from each other. From this presentation you will learn how bring people together for networking and learning experiences unique to your region. See how all of this was organized without vendor sponsorship or professional event planning! With a Facebook page and a dream...we brought together 80 professionals, our State Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Martin Pistorius, author of "Ghost Boy" for an unforgettable experience. You can do this too and we can show you how!


Beth Ahmad    
Prentke-Romich Company
United States

Beth Waite-Lafever    
Breakout Engineering
United States


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