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No Further On After 30 Years, Still Can't Speak Fast Enough

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I see new software for non-speaking people, coming out all of the time and in the advertising we are told how improved it is but, it is still too slow. We can all have a mobile phone that can communicate immediately with all our friends, but the non-speaking cannot communicate 10 words in less than 1 minute.
Since 1986 I have used various aids to assist me with communication. The main features have to be speed and portability.

Despite 30 years of technological advance in this industry I am still a more adept communicator with a sheet of paper than I am with the latest pieces of hardware and software. It makes me very sad that in the past 30 years there has been little improvement in the speed of conversation for the non-speaking.

Sometimes I feel that the new software is just going round in circles. It is not really new, just a rehash of the old. I am sad that I feel the need to write a paper like this.

On television a man spoke to his phone and the phone responded vocally. How far away is this from having a list of phrases to reply? I dream that software would hear the conversation and select a reply.


Alan McGregor    
University of Dundee
United Kingdom


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