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Communication Matters (ISAAC UK) and BUILD European Subcommittee Collaboration Supporting AAC Developing Nations

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The purpose of this presentation is to illustrate a model of international collaborations. Our aim is to describe how Communication Matters board and membership, together with ISAAC BUILD committee members, form connections with European AAC developing nations to support expanding awareness and use of AAC knowledge and skills in ways that benefit people with complex communication needs and other populations with communication vulnerabilities.

We will demonstrate the value of working together as a team.
Strengthening existing international projects established by BUILD committee members and expanding links for collaboration with other nations in partnership with Communication Matters.
• To respond to requests from contacts in individual countries
• To share examples of policies and good practice, theory and practical solutions relevant to people’s needs and politically, culturally and economically appropriate
• To expand awareness and use of AAC beyond education to general society, health care and other public sectors for social justice.
We will depict
• how requests are received and processed
• initial and progressing stages of collaborations
• managing levels of knowledge and corresponding interests in AAC
• cultural and economic diversities and similarities
• use of social media and direct contact through workshops and conference presentations
• networking – national and international
Delegates will also be provided with information on progressions and future aims of 2 specific areas requested by professionals and PWUAAC in European AAC developing nations.
• communication in healthcare
• integration in society of adults who use AAC


Dorothy Fraser    
Central Coast Children's Foundation Inc.
United Kingdom

Catherine Harris    
Communication Matters (ISAAC UK)
United Kingdom


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