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Providing Communication Access for Patients: The Role of AAC Across Healthcare Settings

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Changes in healthcare are creating new opportunities for professionals with expertise in the area of AAC, including those who work in medical settings, as well as those who work in community settings and schools. This session provides information about shifts in healthcare policies and evidence–based practices that target improving successful patient-provider communication across a variety of health care settings. Participants will learn about unique issues specific to outpatient/office visits, emergencies/disasters, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, long term care facilities and hospice settings and how to support patients with various types of communication challenges using a wide variety of AAC approaches, strategies and technologies.


Sarah Blackstone    
United States

David Beukelman    
UNiversity of Nebraska and Munroe Meyer Rehabilitation Center
United States

John Costello    
Children's Hospital-Boston
United States

Richard Hurtig    
Professor Emeritus, The University of Iowa
United States

Lisa Bardach    
Communication Solutions and ALS of Michigan
United States

Kathryn Yorkston    
University of Washington, Rehabilitation Medicine
United States


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