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AAC and MND/ALS: Seeking Improved Outcomes through Early Engagement in Assessment, System Design and Implementation

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“This disease takes EVERYTHING away from me; early exploration of AAC is the ONLY hopeful part of the ALS journey”. This statement has been made in varied ways by dozens of people who have ALS as they leave our clinic.

Procedures and outcomes of our model of proactive intervention with AAC including: message banking and voice banking – including authentic examples of the presenter’s own voice created through both message banking and voice banking strategies, speech production enhancement strategies, voice amplification, creating quick access tools, completing early trials with alternative access, learning and trying many AAC strategies as well directing the selection of technology and language systems will be detailed. Further, data that highlights trends revealed in the first six months of our newly formed and established ALS AAC service will be discussed. Expected outcomes discussed will include people’s use, satisfaction and success with AAC as well as patterns of social connectedness through AAC/Assistive Technology.


john costello    
Boston Children's Hospital
United States


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