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Considerations for the Multilingual AAC User: Research & Practice

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The cultural and linguistic diversity of our world is not well represented in current education, practice and research in augmentative-alternative communication. Provision of monolingual AAC systems to multilingual users at best limits users’ preferences and access to effective communication across environments and partners, and at worst denies the right to communication to individuals with complex communication needs from minority groups, languages and/or cultures. Research on multilingualism and language development has been used to support language outcomes for verbal communicators, but also has implications for the multilingual AAC user. This presentation will review existing knowledge regarding multilingualism with an application to AAC use in culturally-linguistically diverse populations, discuss AAC systems for individuals from CLD and/or multilingual populations, and propose areas for future research within this topic.


Elllyn McNamara    
University of Illinois at Chicago
United States

Holly Delgado    
Milwaukee Bilingual Speech/Language Pathologists
United States


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