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Moving Beyond the Device Mentality for AAC

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Because of the limitations of technology, we have traditionally looked at an AAC device and its content as a single unit, or at least as a set that is very hard to uncouple. We create “backups” so we can “restore” changes, we take devices away to program them, and we pass devices around to practice modeling or to see usage reports. However, in today’s technology landscape this strong coupling no longer has to be the case. Cloud-based solutions make it possible to separate the concept of a hardware device from the application and personalized vocabulary stored on the device, but it’s not necessarily immediately obvious why this uncoupling is valuable.

In our session we will discuss how holding onto a device-centric mentality can be detrimental to the ongoing innovation of AAC, and show some examples of how moving to an uncoupled mentality can open up new opportunities for innovation, including better training and collaboration across support teams, more effective instructions and analysis, and more reliable access for communicators. We will also discuss the privacy and security concerns related to such a transition.


Brian Whitmer    
CoughDrop, Inc.
United States


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