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Friendships among Children who Use AAC and Their Peers: Research Review and Future Directions

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The growth of friendships is a critical component of child development. This paper reviews the state of the literature regarding friendships among children who use AAC and their peers without disabilities. A systematic literature search describes the current knowledge and characterizes relevant issues. The EBSCOhost database and Google Scholar ™ were searched to retrieve relevant studies. A broader analysis of literature related to friendships in children who have disabilities was also conducted to supplement the literature related specifically to children who use AAC. Several major factors that impact the formation of friendships among children who use AAC and their peers emerged. This poster presents these issues including environmental elements, individual characteristics of the child using AAC, and individual characteristics of the peers. Implications for clinical practice and recommendations for future research directions are discussed.


Marika King    
Georgia State University
United States

MaryAnn Romski    
Georgia State Univesity
United States


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