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Self-Selected Reading: Curating books for every reader

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Self-selected reading is an important component of comprehensive literacy instruction. Emergent students need time to browse and explore books as independently as possible. Conventional students need time to read books that are at or below their reading level to practice important component skills such as decoding and comprehension strategies, to build fluency, and to discover the types of books they like to read.

As we work with literacy learners of any age who are developing readers, we need to provide them with access to lots of books and other reading material. We need to help them find the books that set their interest in reading alight – the books that inspire and engage them. We need to make sure that books are available in different types and on different topics so that each student can explore the range of literature that is available. Our biggest job in self-selected reading is curation, to support all of this to happen.

This presentation will explore ways to provide our students with access to lots of books. We will discuss how to choose appropriate books and how we can help all students browse and access texts as independently as possible – with both low and high tech solutions. We will also demonstrate and discuss ways to organize books so that each student selects from a range of books at their appropriate reading level. The role of levelled readers in independent reading will also be addressed.


Jane Farrall    
Jane Farrall Consulting


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