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Out and About Turns 20! Community Outings to Support AAC Learning and Generalization

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This session will talk about the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and WHY for conducting meetings of augmentative communication users and their families in community locations. We will describe goals, activities, and supports that have made our activities most successful over the past 20 years. Thinking about doing it alone can be incredibly overwhelming. Don’t forget one of your biggest local resources: vendor representatives in your area. Sometimes all it takes is asking the right questions, such as: Where do I find users/ mentors/ ambassadors? Where can we meet? What happens if more than one system crashes at the same time?" Come learn the answers to those and other questions.


Deanna Wagner    
Southwest Human Development
United States

Caroline Musselwhite    
AAC Intervention
United States

Krista Howard    
Self employed AAC user and mentor
United States

Kimberly Daswick    
Parent Advocate
United States

Sidney Daswick    
AAC User and Mentor
United States


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