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Supporting language/literacy skills of people who use AAC: What’s cooking?

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Whether working in a school classroom, therapy session, or with adults at a Day Program, cooking in a group can help everybody. Even more important than requesting, cooking supports describing, commenting, and sequencing. This session will use a before/during/after approach to communication and literacy learning. Before cooking talk about personal/cultural preferences and ingredients. Those students who have physical challenges that prevent eating can have sensory experiences through looking, smelling and tasting. Use adapted tools for switch-activation of a pour cup, blender, food processor, etc. After cooking, write about experiences using poetry/sentence frames, design colorful word clouds, or create digital collages. Getting feedback from others can really motivate vocabulary practice, and facilitate the development of narrative language. There are so many options for sharing: Facebook, Picassa, Flicker, YouTube, Twitter, and many more. Let’s get cooking!


Deanna Wagner    
United States

Kate Ahern    
Private Practice
United States

Kimberly Daswick    
Parent Advocate
United States

Sidney Daswick    
AAC User
United States

Carole Zangari    
Executive Director, Nova Southeastern University Center for Autism and Related Disabilities
United States


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