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What is Your Plan? A Roadmap for Teaching AAC

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Too Often AAC instruction stagnates if team members are not clear about the steps necessary to move communication forward. Learning in isolation fragments communication and often one or more component of communication is underserved. It is not uncommon for students to work on the same communication goals for years. Many students who fall into this learning situation never receive the opportunities to show their skills or communicate effectively thus, continue to be mislabeled and underserved. There will be a discussion of the three major areas of instruction for communication success; conversation, literacy, and linguistic skills. These skills are encouraged within a balanced teaching framework. How to support and enhance the child’s current system will be discussed with a variety of case examples of what supports are necessary light and high tech for the student to participate effectively. Finally, by creating a scope and sequence that supports a growing but supportive communication system we can begin to see progress not only in the students who use of communication but more importantly an increased growth in vocabulary, linguistics and overall literacy. A variety of video samples will be demonstrated. More importantly, having a plan in place it creates a level of accountability for all staff! Participants who come to this session will receive a sample of a scope and sequence and a sample lesson.


Pati King-DeBaun    
Creative Communicating
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