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Implementation of an Eyegaze Loan Program to increase exposure, access and experience with eyegaze technology

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Eyegaze systems developed over recent decades offer exciting possibilities for those with severe speech and physical impairments (SSPI), whose direct access options to speech generating devices, writing systems, educational and leisure activities and/or environmental controls have been limited in the past. While many of those with SSPI and their families are very optimistic about the potential of this technology, successful functional use remains limited for many. Often, potential users need time and experience with the technology to learn to use it and to judge whether it is in fact a good fit. This is especially true for children who may just be in the early stages of interaction with technology.

This poster will describe the first year of a program developed at the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre, whereby a system was made available to the families of children with SSPI to take home for a period of three weeks. The goals for the loaner period varied for each child and family, depending on their individual skills and. At the end of their loan period, parents were asked to complete a questionnaire related to the training received and their overall experience. The information obtained from these questionnaires will be shared.


Amita Furgoch    
Ottawa Treatment Children's Centre

Carole Chabot    
Ottawa Treatment Children's Centre


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