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All about AAC: 10 Years of Supporting Community Professionals in the field of AAC

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In 2005, in response to a growing waitlist for assessment, a Canadian Pediatric AAC clinic (CAC), began to explore ways in which they could offer mentoring and guidance to community professionals working with non- verbal children.
There was a belief that many children with early communication and literacy were being referred to CAC because community speech language pathologists and occupational therapists lacked confidence in their ability to serve these children and lacked awareness of current resources and best practices in the field of AAC. The result was that many children waited for close to a year for AAC assessment, and when they were assessed were often offered suggestions and strategies which could have been initiated early by community practitioners.
The All About AAC program was implemented in the 2005-06 school year within a large urban and rural area. It offered an SLP to SLP or OT to OT consultation in person or by phone, with follow up as needed by email.
This poster will describe ten years of the All about AAC mentoring program, whereby CAC based occupational therapists and speech language pathologists offered support and consultation to their community based peers. Statistics from the ten years as well as feedback obtained from community therapists will be shared. This program offers a model that other countries with limited resources and/or large geographical areas can consider.


Amita Bhargava Furgoch    
Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre

Andrea Harrison    
Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre

Susan Mendelsohn    
Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre


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