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Introducing CommuniKate: The Open, Transferable, Symbol based, Page Set

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Introducing CommuniKate: The Open, Transferable, Symbol based, Page Set
Presented by Robert Williams (AAC user), Kate McCallum and Joe Reddington.

CommuniKate is a page set that can be used on any VOCA hardware or software for free. If you want to alter it then you can share your own version without worrying about permissions or fees. It was launched in October 2014 and there are teams translating it into languages from Swedish to Urdu. We are going to tell you the story of CommuniKate, why it's needed (Joe) how it was designed (Kate) and what difference it makes (Rob, AAC user).
We will discuss CommuniKate, who it was designed for, the type of language it contains and how it can be used and talk briefly about the different language translations on offer.
We will discuss CommuniKate's uniqueness and why we released it under a Creative Commons Licence using freely licensed symbols.
We'll inform you what's happened since the launch and discuss plans we have as a consequence of its popularity.
To make AAC truly work for people we understand that providing the kit is only half the battle. That's why along with the technical and programming aspects of the project we also hope to be able to provide things like training, low tech resources and much more and intend describing this too.


Dr Joseph Reddington    
United Kingdom

Kate McCallum    
United Kingdom

Robert Williams    
N/A - AAC user
United Kingdom


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