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Measuring Phonemic Awareness without Speech Responses: Investigating the Validity of a New Assessment

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This study provides preliminary evidence of the validity for a new measure of phonemic awareness that does not require spoken responses, which we refer to as the Dynamic Assessment of Phonemic Awareness via the Alphabetic Principle (DAPA-AP). The DAPA-AP is computerized, has simple instructions, uses a touch response mode, and provides feedback on every trial. Thirty-three preschool and school-aged children, with and without disabilities, were administered the DAPA-AP and established measures of phonological awareness and reading. Significant correlations between performance on the DAPA-AP and the established measures of phonological awareness and reading provided strong evidence of the concurrent and convergent validity of this measurement approach. These findings suggest that the DAPA-AP may also be a valid measurement tool for children and adults who have complex communication needs and are beginning to learn to read.


R. Michael Barker    
University of South Florida
United States

Mindy Sittner Bridges    
University of Kansas
United States

Kathryn J. Saunders    
University of Kansas
United States


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