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Using Automated Data Logging to Track Progress and Plan Intervention: A Case Study

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Automated data logging is an available feature on some Speech Generating Devices (SGDs) that provides a time-stamped transcript of the language generated by the individual using the device. Although the practice of using automated data logging and language sampling is encouraged, its actual use appears limited. This session presents an ongoing case study of a school-aged child who uses a WordPower vocabulary system on a NOVA chat speech-generating device. The purpose of this study was to explore the value and limitations of using automated data logging for clients using a SGD in a school-based setting. The analysis of the data log files was completed using an available online tool called Realize Language, which analyzes data log files and presents the results in an easy to understand graphic format. The examiners hope to provide insight into how to encourage use of data logging in school-based practice and to help shape future guidelines regarding automated data logging and best practice in AAC.


Krista Davidson    
Belleville Area Special Services Cooperative
United States

Amanda Hettenhausen    
Saltillo Corporation
United States


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