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COCP in the classroom: Effects of training and coaching teachers on equal participation in groups

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The COCP programme (Communicatieve Ontwikkeling van niet-sprekende personen en hun Communicatiepartners –‘Communicative Development of nonspeaking individuals and their Communication Partners’) aims to optimize communicative interaction by promoting intensive cooperation with the social network of each child or adult with complex communication needs. Important communication partners of the social network receive group instruction and individual support to coach them to adapt their behaviour in order to encourage communicative interaction in naturally occurring situations.
Among the most appreciated parts of the COCP programme are the so called ‘partner strategies’, ten strategies for interaction partners to encourage and facilitate communicative interaction for children and adults with complex communication needs. These strategies were slightly adapted to support teachers in encouraging equal participation of both speaking children and children with complex communication needs in educational settings. A teacher guide COCP in the classroom was published in 2013 along with a dvd with 31 short video clips illustrating the successful use of these teacher strategies in small heterogeneous groups (Heim, Veen, Brinkman, & Jonker, 2013). A half-day instruction workshop for teachers and teacher assistants was developed followed by coaching sessions for each individual teaching couple.
The effects of COCP in the classroom on the use of the teacher strategies, the quality of the group interactions, and the level of participation of each pupil are being investigated through a multiple baseline across participants design. Preliminary results and conclusions of this study will be presented.


Margriet Heim    
Kohnstamm Institute UvA

Annemiek Veen    
Kohnstamm Institute UvA

Marjan Veen    
Heliomare education and rehabiliation

Elise Brinkman    
Heliomare rehabilitation


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