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It Takes a Village: Creating a Complete Language Learning Environment

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Given the advancements in and increased access to tablet technology, a wide variety of AAC
solutions are available. Although hardware and software are ever changing, the need for quality
therapeutic support remains constant. This talk will focus on essential therapeutic supports to
promote language acquisition and effective communication with AAC. The focus will be on the importance of including all of a child’s learning environments. To support successful communication, the focus of the child’s team was on team collaboration, as well as data informed practice.
The importance of qualitative concepts of team collaboration, shared goals, and communication is essential in effective AAC use.

The use of the Language Monitor built into the many devices, allows professionals to develop a full plan for one child that carries over in the classroom, home. The Language Acquisition Monitor provides the qualitative data to inform decision on therapeutic intervention.
It is common to consider hardware, software and support.
Each area requires special attention in order to foster effective and efficient communication via
AAC. Appropriate hardware decisions need to be made to meet the needs of the client.
Similarly, communication software needs to be equally scrutinized to ensure it will meet the
needs of the individual for many years to come. These decisions should be grounded in what we know about vocabulary and language development. Finally, the support of the AAC system needs to be planned and executed to help the individual using AAC achieve success. This talk will focus on these supports.


Jane Odom    
United States

Jeremy Legaspi    
United States


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