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Share it any way you want: Capturing Recreational Experiences to Support Interpersonal and Digital Connections

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This presentation will describe methods for collecting and sharing experiences from recreational activities. Presenters will discuss a research study that was conducted during therapeutic horseback riding lessons with people who have complex communication needs (CCN). Attendees will learn about the study and the specific equipment and steps of an intervention called the ‘take-home program’ that was implemented with child and adult horseback riders.

The program provided riders with CCN a way to collect media and real artifacts during their riding experience. A single-subject multiple baseline design across two time periods was used in order to investigate the effectiveness of the intervention and track outcomes. Research aims focused on training volunteer communication partners and determining the impact of the intervention on conversational topics and turns between the volunteer/rider dyad.

Findings across baseline, intervention, and maintenance sessions revealed that volunteers successfully implemented the program. Based on video and transcription analysis, it was determined that the ‘take-home program’ enhanced the interaction between rider and volunteer and added a new component that did not distract from the lesson. The presentation will review results and video vignettes from the study. Attendees will learn the steps of the ‘take-home program’ and have time to contribute ideas, digital artifacts and alternative methods that may be used to support people with CCN in capturing and sharing recreational and community based experiences. Individuals attending the program are encouraged to bring devices and digital artifacts that may be shared with the larger audience.


David J. Hajjar    
Ohio Univeristy
United States

John W. McCarthy    
Ohio University
United States


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