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Communication Access: A Social Justice Issue

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This presentation will describe the goals, processes and outcomes of a national, three-year project that aimed to increase awareness of the accessibility requirements of people with all types of communication disabilities on three levels. On a legislation level, the project aimed to embed communication access for people with complex communication needs (CCN) in existing or emerging legislation, accessibility plans and guidelines. On a community level, the project aimed to educate and provide resources to support businesses and organizations on ways to increase access to their goods and services for people with CCN. On an individual level, the project aimed to provide information and resources to people with CCN, their families and service providers about communication access rights, roles and responsibilities and how to negotiate accessibility requirements.

This presentation will share information about outcomes for each of these levels and explore what worked, didn’t work and possible reasons for each of these.

While successful on many levels, findings from this project, illuminate the lack of inclusion of this population in significant human rights legislation and the urgent need for consistent engagement of the communication disability sector at a legislative, community and individual level.


Barbara Collier    
Communication Disabilities Access Canada


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