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AAC brought us together -and changed our lifes

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This is the story about a few individuals who, by chance, ended up in a group focused on AAC. That changed their lifes - AAC brought them together.
We´ve been a part of this journey as the personnel in charge of this group of people. Through many years we´ve collected a lot of experiences and ideas with which we would like to inspire others! Over the years we´ve developed a method which keyword are that AAC is to be used- everyday and in all occations. It´s not important which method you use, everyone is equal. You learn while you use AAC!
Allday-communication is not only about choosing what to eat or drink, but more important to chit and chat all through the day about what to do or to find out what you and others think about.
We believe that to discover the full value of communication and new ways of using it you need to face new situations. You have to be respected and expected to have something to say.


Mats Lundberg    
Vaxjo municipality

Linda Bjork    
Vaxjo municipality

Mariana Friberg    
Vaxjo municipality


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