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Korea as a developing nation in AAC, possibility of success: AAC apps & wide cooperation

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Korea has been rapidly growing in AAC field: Korean Society of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (KSAAC) establishment, KSAAC official journal publication, Korean High-Tech AAC software and symbol system development. A nonprofit foundation in Korea has been working through a wide cooperation. The specific cooperation and practical use cases are shared and the main functions of a smartphone-based AAC apps developed by the nonprofit foundation are demonstrated.

Wide Cooperation and Practical Use Cases
- Special-education: as an assistive teaching and a learning participation tool
- Childcare & speech therapy: as an assistive tool for childcare and speech therapy
- Korea Institute for Special Education: development of special-education teaching material and the training program for teachers
- KSAAC: AAC contest, AAC website, AAC education contents
- Central & local governments: civil AAC development and education for public officials

MY AAC demonstration
The nonprofit foundation have developed MY AAC series, the smartphone-based AAC apps, focused on the functionality and interconnectivity: Basic, Child, and General and PC. Users can choose the most appropriate one considering their needs and degree of disability. On the development process, feedback from the users and professionals in special-education or speech pathology have been reflected.

- MY AAC Basic: for individuals who first encounter AAC or who have severe or/and multiple disabilities
- MY AAC Child: for the children with complex communication needs of school-age, their parents and teachers
- MY AAC General: for those who have complex communication needs or who use AAC to communicate.


Jae Sung Lee    
NCSOFT Cultural Foundation
Korea (Republic of)

Woo Young Kang    
NCSOFT Cultural Foundation
Korea (Republic of)


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