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Apps for communication – project results and user cases

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This paper describes five user cases, based on trials with participants in our project Apps for communication.


The project’s aim was to facilitate for individuals with communicative difficulties, their surroundings and professionals to find and share updated and relevant information on communication apps.
A part of the project was to test apps together with people with communicative disorders and evaluate their use, and to get an understanding of what is needed to get it to work.


During the trial, eight participants got to try different apps, tablets and accessories. They got individual support, with vocabulary as well as with technical and practical issues. Between meetings, they used their apps at home. Towards the end, the apps were evaluated and it was decided for each participant what to proceed with.


Based on the data of these trials, five user cases were created to reflect in what way apps can be used for communication. The users in the cases differ in age, gender and type of communicative difficulty to apply to a broad public.


We can conclude that the same amount of training, support and effort to create meaningful content that goes into traditional communicative aids is needed when using tablets and apps.


Margret Buchholz    
DART, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Ingrid Mattsson Müller    
DART, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Sandra Derbring    
DART, Sahlgrenska University Hospital


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