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A web forum for communication apps – development and design

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This paper introduces Apps for communication, a web forum available to everyone interested in assistive technology and AAC. The forum serves as a national meeting place for finding and sharing relevant and accessible information on apps for communication.

As apps increasingly present as an alternative to traditional communication aids, it is a time consuming and difficult task to choose suitable apps.
The aim has been to facilitate for families and professionals to easily find and share updated and relevant information on communication apps.

The now finished web forum is a result of a several step development. Several disability associations have been involved, and it has been designed with an iterative feedback process to meet the users’ needs in regard to interface, structure and functionality.

We present a web forum where information about apps for communication and cognition can be shared and found by many more than earlier was possible. The forum makes it easy to find out what features an app has, how much it costs, and to take part of others’ experience of using it.

This can serve as a basis for professionals and families to decide on suitable apps. Less time needs to be spent on searching and comparing apps, and contacts with specialist care may be reduced.
The interactivity of the forum and the many users makes it an active resource and likely to live on in the future.


Sandra Derbring    
DART, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Margret Buchholz    
DART, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Ingrid Mattsson Müller    
DART, Sahlgrenska University Hospital


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